About webQS

webQS is a web-based app for scoring PHRF and One Design races.

PHRF Time-on-Distance, Reverse Handicap, and Time-on-Time, Portsmouth, and One Design are supported.

Competing boats can be dynamically added or imported, and are selected by Boat Name or Sail Number. Skippers can also be added dynamically or imported, and can be associated with particular boats.

There are dialogs for defining:

  • Regattas or Race Series, optionally multi-day
  • Divisions, with attributes such as ThrowOuts
  • Race Courses, and assignment to Divisions
  • Boat Entries, associated with Skippers, with provision for entering Finish Times
  • Race Results, and Series Summaries are displayed as web pages.

All data is stored in a cloud database so that historical results are always readily available and the database can be queried to provide historical statistics.